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Musician's Diary - The Garage Studio Is Open

J.G.Thwaits, 29 Sept 2016

gillwire on a rock

Summer is over, Fall begins. Bring it on! That's what we say here in the Phoenix metropolis after a long hot summer. The summer heat puts a damper on recording projects in the garage, but break time is over now and it's time to get the machine cranking again, I've got plenty of musical plans and the motivation to start pulling some all nighter sessions again. There will be another release in 2016 (probably right at the end of the year) and one planned for 2017 that will be a high energy rock album, most of the songs have been chosen for both of these releases.

As I've been gearing up over the last few years in preparation to get the home studio up to snuff I've accumulated a number of songs that I'm eager to record and release, thus the aggressive schedule over the next year. I'm quite pleased with Silver Streak but already have some new ideas for how the next recordings will be different. I had this desire to show complexity in composition and arrangement with my debut, which is true to my muse in many ways but for some of my next projects I will be doing more experimentation with tones and giving more space for minimalism although I shouldn't make any promises just yet because we're just at the beginning of the recording process so I may surprise myself.

As I navigate the balance between musical artist (which I feel truly made for) and paying the bills with a career in the tech industry, the plan is that the musical side will get built up and overthrow the tech job. It's a vision that I totally believe in. While there is no shame in my working class membership, I ever feel compelled to create this music and I find a more personal reward from it. I've been listening to a lot of bands like Land Of Talk, Now Now, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Cardigans - for some reason female fronted rock bands have really been getting me through my work days lately, that and a healthy dose of podcasts. I see how hard bands work to get established and how difficult it is to build up viable revenue streams in this business these days, it's a daunting task, yet there have never been more tools available to create and distribute music so it's definitely a bag of mixed blessings. I believe stubborn persistence is key! It's happening...

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