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Musician's Diary - Winter Habits

J.G.Thwaits, 20 Dec 2016

gillwire early morning

I skipped a few haircuts so I've grown a bit shaggy. I don't know how long I'll keep it going but it feels good right now to just let it go, even though I've been told by some that the visual effect is less than flattering. I'm getting agitated by some mainstream movements lately and I'm having a post adolescent rebellious streak manifesting itself by longer hair and all night recording sessions. Actually early mornings are the usual time when I have been in the garage tracking guitars and writing wind arrangements. My rebellion has led me to scoring music for flute, oboe, and clarinet. Yes kids, that's the way to stick it to the man, with flutes.

Sometimes I'll wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning and go down to work on my passion before going in to the office to work on my living. I'm probably not quite as far along on album #2 as I planned to be at this point but it's good enough progress to appease my non existent underwriters. I've got seven tracks in the works now and four more planned; I will release a single in less than a month and I'm planning to get 2 full albums out of 2017. I have an internal sense of urgency about this work. Nobody knows how long they will live, and as far as I know I can only record songs while I'm alive so I really want to get a good catalog of my music recorded while I have the chance. If I complete the next 2 albums then that should be a rather satisfactory sampling of what I am all about as a writer. The first album (Silver Streak) was mixture of pop rock music. The second album is acoustic music echoing a bygone age. The third album will be music to turn up to 11 with the crunch and the fuzz. I will continue to record music as long as I am able but whatever happens, I just have to get that third album out. I don't know if it will ever feed my children, but it's my best bet at leaving a legacy and departing into the afterlife with my head held high.

Time is so limited, I have much more to do than can fit in my calendar so life is full of tradeoffs. Writing this blog is a tradeoff, I'm not recording background vocals to one of my tracks at this instant because I'm sitting here typing. A few moments of reflection and record keeping is worth it to me though, I do spend hours composing and recording for every minute blogging so I think my priorities are straight. I always wish for I could trade in my day job for being a full time musician but that is what I must work up to and earn. The difficult one for me is performance against studio time; I could focus more on live performance but it would delay the release of the next album which I don't want. I'll stay in the scene enough to keep my performance face fresh, but the priority is recording at this time.

At the last show I met a visual artist who was complimentary of my craft but urged me to not give away free copies of the CD to fans because "your art is worth it, you're better than that". I like the sentiment but my reality is that nobody is lining up to purchase my music, and I have worked very hard over my whole lifetime to be in a position where I have a CD that I believe in and I can give it to people who are interested in listening to it. I've sacrificed so much for this and I'm not going to just sit at home wasting away over the rest of my life waiting for orders to come in. I have more music to share, and to share it is the most important thing for me, that's one of the big reasons why I make music, to share it. And share it I will. Some choose to buy it, but I am not so naive to expect that I can make a living or even a profit off my music within the first year of my first release, not in this market. I am hopeful, for sure, but I've have enough experience in this industry, been beaten down by this industry enough to know that I will be fortunate to work up to the point where I'm making a living from my music after multiple releases and many years of promoting myself.

I'm digging in for a long winter

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