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Musician's Diary - The State of The Band

J.G.Thwaits, 13 May 2017

gillwire playing piano

One year ago I was finishing the final preparations for the Silver Streak release. Things were lining up well, despite a last minute scramble to get the disks delivered in time for the album release show. It all came together and the ambitious order of 1,000 disks arrived with a few days to spare. In hindsight, I realize 1,000 was overdoing it. I've sold some disks, given away more, and still have even more on hand. Not only are compact disks waning in popularity, but new artists without a following such as Gillwire usually don't make a big splash. I was very aware of this a year ago, not completely naive, but still very hopeful of course that I may be an exception. I wasn't an exception, but I like the album so it's all still worth it. Midway through the last year, with a few shows under my belt I fought to keep the momentum; I planned to follow up the debut release with another album that has been partially completed for months, but things have cooled and the Silver Streak express has come to an apparent standstill to the public eye. Things are still moving behind the scenes though, there will be a comeback.

I've done what I need to to keep my personal life afloat; all those important non-rockstar type of things like day job and family take a fair amount of effort to sustain. The big thing that drives home this musical recession though is the lack of bookings. Just when we had a trio worked up that was really clicking, we played a good gig and then I couldn't manage to line anything else up. A few leads fell through, and numerous emails went unanswered (industry standard). With a band ready and rehearsed it's a shame to not have any venue to play, but I think it's about time to go back to the studio in full force for the next album. I'm craving the creativity of recording where I can just cut myself off from the world and explore what my inner demons need to express. I isolate myself quite a bit while recording, but I thrive on that type of work environment. I seem to go back and forth between creative solitude and the extroversion of performance. The time feels right now to tuck away into myself; slightly disillusioned from the last year of not gaining much headway in the realms of buzz and notoriety, I renew my punk rock ethic and continue to find my own way to make the art that keeps me alive.

I've already gone through the process of writing, recording, and releasing and album so I know what's in store and how much sleep I'll need to sacrifice to make it happen. I will sweat it out in the garage this summer to get new recordings completed and released (digital only this time). The Darker Days single which I released Jan 31st is a teaser for the next album, the album version of the song will have additional instrumentation. The album will have more acoustic guitar featured prominently as compared to Silver Streak. And as I have mentioned before, the third album is still on track to be more of a rocker. I'm still riding out the master plan, even while enduring the bumps in the road.

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