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Musician's Diary - I Found My Voice

J.G.Thwaits, 31 July 2017

gillwire bowler hat

First of all, I got this great new bowler hat. I'm feeling really good in it, might have to be my new trademark. I started a twitter account for myself @gillOtheWisp which is separate from the @gillwire band account and for now I've attached the name "Bowler Hat Man" to it. I'm doing some cat cartoons on there too featuring the musical circus cat Pilar. She likes to sing rock songs.

Now to the band business: There was a show scheduled for Tucson, I've been wanting to get to Tucson as I grew up there and still know some people there. It was to be a battle of the bands and Gillwire got scheduled, we got excited, started rehearsals, then the event was entirely cancelled. It's a drag but hey, these things happen all the time. In reaction to this I figured I could create my own event that will not get cancelled. So there will be a house concert/video shoot on Saturday September 2nd. The September Sessions: an in-studio style live performance video that will later get released on the web but you can attend in person. Email to get the info.

A wave of songwriting inspiration has been moving over me and as usual, it's hard to keep up with all the new tunes and inspiration. Multitudes of new voice memos have been recorded on my iphone 4s, which I fear is on its last leg. Gotta do the upgrade. I'm not upgrading my sampler technology though, instead I'm going back to a piece of equipment I used many years ago: the Roland A6. I got this one on ebay many years ago and filled it with a bunch of drum samples. Then I let my brother in law borrow it and I forgot about it for a while. It recently came back to me and I'm having a blast setting it up for my current needs. I've actually spent many many hours creating, finding, and editing samples for my library. Look for it in the new lineup.

I made a drum pattern many years ago for a song idea I had, the pattern was deep on the hard drive and the song was far in the back of my mind all these years. When I heard the drums again the song came rushing back "I Found My Voice", a half finished song that was waiting for its day which has now arrived. I think it's fitting that I couldn't finish a song about finding my voice so many years ago, maybe I hadn't really found my voice back then, maybe it's a life long journey actually but at least now I'm ready to finish the song. Maybe the song was just waiting for me to find this hat, I found the hat, now I've found my voice; the two are intertwined by fate.

Take a look at this late 90's digital workstation in action:

Getting my samples organized

— Bowler Hat Man (@GillOtheWisp) July 31, 2017

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